1: How do I report a non-working street light?

Use this link

2: How do I report a pothole?

Here are phone numbers and weekday hours for reporting potholes:

  • Maryland: 301-513-7300 or 800-749-0737 (for state-maintained roads in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties), 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 410-841-1000 or 410-841-5450 (for state- maintained roads in Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s counties), 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 301-624-8100 or 800-635-5119 (for state- maintained roads in Howard County), 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Montgomery County: Call 311 within the county or 240-777-0311, or on line.

3: How do I report a loose/dangerous animal?

To report animal emergencies in progress, call 911. Otherwise, use the county police non- emergency number: 301-279-8000. To follow up on animal complaints, call the Animal Services Division at 240-773-5900.

4: What can you tell me about trash collection in Olney Oaks?

The HOA does not provide trash collection. Each homeowner is responsible for making arrangements with a private firm. Refer to your resale package for companies serving this area.

5: What can you tell me about recycling?

Collection of yard waste and household recyclable items, such as paper and metal, glass, and plastic containers, is provided weekly by Montgomery County. Pickups are usually on Thursday except for weeks with holidays when the day changes to Friday. For more information, see the Department of Environmental Protection page at www.montgomerycountymd.gov/dep or call the county at 311 within the county or 240-777-0311 elsewhere.

6: What do I need to do when I sell my house?

see Covenants

7: What should I do about a dead or diseased tree on HOA property?

Contact president@olneyoaks.org

8: How should I report a crime in Olney Oaks?

For emergencies, call 911.

For non-urgent situations, call the Montgomery County Police at 301-289-8000. Also, contact president@olneyoaks.org when time allows..

9: What are the local regulations regarding ATVs, Mopeds, and similar vehicles?

see this link

10: How do I report a missing or damaged street sign?

Call the county at 311 within the county or 240-777-0311 elsewhere.

11: How to I report a problem with the HOA lawn service?

Contact president@olneyoaks.org

12: Why do I have to pay homeowner association dues?

When our development was established, Montgomery County required that a homeowners association be created to maintain all the common areas with the costs shared equally by all homeowners. Article VI of the HOA Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions requires payment of assessments by each homeowner in Olney Oaks.

13: May I ride motorized vehicles on common grounds?

No motorized vehicles, except for maintenance and emergency vehicles, may ride on any common grounds (paths, fields, woods).

14: What do I do if a contractor has scammed me?

Call the county at 311 within the county or 240-777-0311 elsewhere.

15: What safety information do you have regarding the gas pipeline?

If you see any suspicious activity around the Williams/Transco pipelines that run from Route 108 to the PEPCO powerlines or suspect a leak based on a hissing sound or brown vegetation in an otherwise green area over the pipes, call the Williams emergency number: 1-800-440-8475. In an urgent situation, also call 911 and evacuate the area.