The 2022 leaf collection has been scheduled for the weeks of November 14th and December 5th.

The actual start depends on the weather, that week and the previous week. Trucks will work until they’ve made one pass along each street.

•  Continue to use County pickup on Thursdays until close to the designated week, particularly if rain is forecast.

•  Rake leaves along the edge of the yard at the curb line. Leaves may be raked into the street, but only into the gutter, NOT farther into the street. This is prohibited by Montgomery County.

•  Leaves and pine needles only, no sticks, other yard waste, or trash. Violators may be skipped.

Usual route: Hwy 108 entrance South on Headwaters Drive   –>  Carrisa Lane  –>  Carrisa Way–> Headwaters Lane   –>  right onto Morningwood Drive  –>  right onto Queen Elizabeth Drive  –>  Shallow Brook Lane & Court  –>  Bilney/Skymist/Leeds Hall  –>  Morningwood Court  –> part of Morningwood Drive  –>  Whimsey Court –> Whimsey Lane –>  part of Morningwood Drive  –>  Danube Lane & Court  –>  Sandcastle Lane & Court  Hall  –>  Northeast on Morningwood Drive  –> Calico Circle –>  North on Headwaters Drive. 

Darnell Drive may be done before, after, or concurrently with Sandcastle Lane. 

None of this is set in stone, but is based on what has been done in the past.